A good day for rap, as Marshall Mathers makes a comeback on his strongest track in about a half decade, while 2 Chains throws up a nostalgic homage to the best southern rap crew ever. “Rap God” is just that: Eminem staking his claim to the crown with a series of throwback versus that makes you […]

25 Oct
Michigan-via-Virginia rapper drops her latest 6-song EP

It’s a good day for music as Angel Haze drops her much anticipated mixtape Classick today. The “Werkin Girls” track off her previous EP Reservation has been remixed and reworked across genres, putting the young flowstress on a lot of people’s maps — even before her  debut LP comes out on Universal Republic. The 6-song […]

31 Aug
Learn how to get your cut in the $400 billion industry

Unemployment got you down? Looking for a little extra spending money? Are you over your job and searching for something that’ll bring adventure and excitement back into your life? Or are you simply looking to power up like a coked-out Superman? (OK, that’s got nothing to do with anything, we just wanted to tie in […]

Well what can we say, Coachella Weekend One came and went with a mighty sonic boom, lysergic blur and warm tropical brush of palm fronds. It was, as usual, epic. However for the first time ever, it was not the final weekend Coachella had to offer. No, instead of having to wait an entire year […]

So we’ve been receiving a bunch of free music lately and a lot of it is just too good to keep to ourselves. Besides, it’s Monday so we all need a couple good reasons to get our weeks rolling. Yes, this list is hip-hop heavy, but ever since watching The Wackness I’ve been hitting my […]

Maxwell Hauser got a sneak listen today to the upcoming album that’s got the hip hop world leaning…Asher Roth’s Asleep In the Bread Aisle. That’s awfully close to being Lost In a Supermarket, dontcha think? I think dude’s trying to cop our look… If you’re a fan of the current breed of up-and-coming emcees who […]

The new Eminem, Dr Dre & 50 Cent track “Crack a Bottle” is out and…uh…eh. All 3 of these guys have had their days in the sun, owned their empires, and like the Brits have seen these rap empires crumble. Sure, they’re all still richer than Dick Cheney in a Costa Rican whorehouse, but honestly […]

The musical delights continue cos it’s a June Friday, and no one wants to do a damn thing except watch the clock tick ever so molasses slow and wait for the weekend. So we’re giving you some boombox music to impress your friends with at the beach — and who better than Yacht-Club rapper Asher […]