19 Sep
A beech, ash, oak or maple constructed cruiser

The business of making bicycles is booming these days. From the classic roadsters to the lightweight commuter friendly (yet highly overpriced), more and more companies are entering the industry with beautiful designs and an array of interesting choices for materials. The latest company in the mix is Flat Frame Systems Ltd, who plan to release their […]

There’s nothing better than greasy breakfast food and a nice hot shower after a weekend bender, but for those who want to keep the alcohol close even the morning after we’ve got the Allsorts Liquor Scented Soap Bars from EthicallyEngineered. Because let’s face it — sometimes you want to smell like a boozehound even after […]

27 Sep
Cotton plaid for Fall/Winter 2010

Japanese-born designer Daiki Suzuki adds a twist to his premium Engineered Garments scarves, eschewing the usual wool fabrics used and opting for a cotton flannel fabric instead. Part of his Fall/Winter 2010, these soft plaid scarves are made in the USA and come in 3 different colorways: navy/tan, red/white and red/yellow. Available now at select […]

NYC designer Mark McNairy pairs up with New York label Engineered Garments for this eyebrow raising Long Wing Boot. While it may look fairly traditional from afar, the American derby style boot actually has an interesting twist, where they switch up the leather on the wing and the upper from boot to boot. Meaning one […]