22 Sep
Inspired by the Bay Area, Emerald and Mile-High cities

Incipio is about to release their latest collection of MacBook sleeves. Made from Nylon, these cases provide the perfect fit for the Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air devices. Using locations as inspiration behind the aesthetic for each group of sleeves, on-the-go consumers can rest assured that these sleeves will reflect their home while keeping […]

24 Aug
Collezione Automobili Lamgorghini for Spring/Summer 2012

This week Lamborghini launched its first carbon fiber bag collection. The high tech, ultra strong and lightweight material is commonly used in the production of bicycles, yachts, surf boards, planes and supercars, but this is the first time carbon fiber has been used in its unstiffened, cloth form to produce fashion accessories. The collection consists of […]

6 Jun
Limited edition high-tops with double zipped heels

ASICS teams up with Japanese sneaker boutique GETTRY for these Airmail editions of their Double Clutch sneaker silhouette. The high-tops are made to resemble air mail envelopes, and feature a double zipped heel section and traditional airmail red and blue color motif — including optional laces. You can pre-order the ASICS x GETTRY Double Clutch […]

25 Apr
If you want a constant reminder of snail mail

If you’ve ever been embarrassed about carrying around all your crap in a pocket envelope, well, now you can spend your hard earned cash to have a real wallet that just looks like an envelope. An airmail envelope, to be specific. The Mighty Wallet is made from indestructible Tyvek — the material from FedEx envelopes […]

10 Nov
Classic leather envelope case for modern technology

Since the beginning of last century J.W. Hulme has been creating quality leather goods for us lucky Americans. Beautiful premium leather and attention to detail craftsmanship have made them famous for their handmade bags and accessories. This iPad case is a new wrinkle in their classic line-up — a simple envelope with the option to […]