27 Jun
Latest 2-wheeler from Australian builder's Sydney workshop

Australian custom motorcycle builders Deus (or Deus Ex Machina) are rolling out a new bike called “Gicleur” from their Sydney workshop. In French, “gicleur” means “jet”, a nod to the nozzle on an espresso machine that governs the water flow — and this bike’s not letting anything sloppy pass it. Built from the frame of […]

With the influx of coffee shops popping up like Anthony Weiner twitter pics, the quality of your lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos seems to differ from shop to shop and from barista to barista. The original column espresso machine was a handcrafted piece of machinery made of brass and copper, featuring copious mechanical dials and switches. […]

23 Nov
Putto espresso ceramic cup & saucer

Sure a top cup of full roasted espresso will give you wings, but has the cup itself ever given you wings? These ceramic espresso cups from putto espresso come with flexible angel wings attached to the side as an all-purpose handle. The wings are silicone and available in the colors purple, cream and black. Available […]