Peter Ware, UK freelance-designer and film buff, is the man behind the movie-inspired prints at 17th and Oak . If there’s a film out there with any sort of cinephile appeal, then there’s probably a poster put up on his Etsy store. Available in six different sizes, starting from  a pocket filling 4.1″ x 5.8″ to […]

So you pre-ordered Random Access Memories way back in 2012, and have been playing it on loop since it arrived in your inbox. You’ve bought the MEDICOM Action Figures for yourself and the LEGO-like MEDICOM Toys for your little cousins. You have a tattoo of the dancing mummies from “Around the World” wrapping around your calf (arguably […]

1 Aug
Geek-inspired handmade rings, cuff links, earrings & money clips

Anyone who has watched Big Bang Theory will attest to the hotness factor surrounding Kaley Cuoco. A girl that’s tall, beautiful and blonde, but also has the wits to go toe-to-toe with two physicists is a girl that knows the path to my heart. Plus, she rocks a damn good Wonder Woman outfit to boot. […]

19 Jan
SeaSideSew's handmade designs for all your gadget needs

SeasideSew is an Etsy designer who strives for quality products with simple design. These water resistant cases are hand made to protect all your various gadgets — iPhone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, Palm, Blackberry etc. The 100% designer cotton cases are fully lined in high-end Kona Cotton and feature eco friendly bamboo padding, and come in […]

Don’t you hate it when you take out your iPhone/iTouch/cell phone only to realize that the screen has been scuffed and scratched like a neglected street scamp? I know I do. And I know Coolbeans717 on Etsy hates it too, because Coolbeans717 has created a unique set of nerd-endorsed iPhone/iTouch/cell phone covers that range from […]

11 May
The Bieber Fever is spreading

If you don’t know why this shirt is funny, then you probably already own plenty of Justin Bieber shirts. Either that or it could be really, really blasphemous. I’m not sure. Regardless of that, if you want this one pick it up here. And, thank you Josiah Hughes.

Etsy seller Xenotees brings us an, for lack of a better word, adorable scarf concept- fortune cookie scarves. They’re made from Jersey cotton and come in two messages: “Success is a journey, not a destination”  and “Now is the time to try something new”. Although the scarves don’t have your lucky numbers printed on the […]

28 Apr
The iRetrofone iPhone base

There are few things more enjoyable then a quality novelty item; the “iRetrofone” Base is handcrafted one by one and is 100% functional. Similar to that iPhone Desk Dock, the iRetrofone base is a refreshingly vintage accessory for the ultra-high-tech gadget, but I think its best selling point is that you can effectively “avoid radiation” […]