UPDATE: Seeing as Asher Roth’s brand new video for “Last Man Standing” — the first video from his upcoming album — dropped today as well, and it totally fits the theme, we’re gonna add it on to our Wednesday video 4-Pack. Today’s music video 3-pack 4-pack throws together 3 indie hip-hop acts all in different [...]

1 Aug
Everything is Boring & Everyone is a Fucking Liar

The first video from Spank Rock’s upcoming awesomely-titled album, Everything is Boring & Everyone is a Fucking Liar dropped today. The album comes out September 27 on Bad Blood Records, and this is the first single — “DTF DADT” which has a very bizarre storyline involving charades, 3D objects and bloody wine bashing. Twisted…

28 Jul
Screenshot: A hipster time travel movie with a twist

UPDATE: Miranda July’s second film The Future opens nationwide tomorrow, July 29, so we’re re-posting The Elf’s review plus adding a deleted scene below. It has been about six years since Miranda July’s first feature, Me and You and Everyone We Know, and fans of that oddball love story have been twiddling their thumbs waiting [...]

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