20 Dec
Henry Rollins, The Weeknd, James Blake, Charlie Sheen, SBTRKT, DJ Mehdi, plenty of mixtapes & more

Time for the fourth edition of our Best Of 2011 retrospective series (after ART, BOOKS & STYLE), where we look back on the LIAS Year In Music. Frankly none of these lists are easy — we can trim each down to about 20 but then cutting them down to 10 means we gotta chop some […]

26 Oct
New Order + Ian Curtis' mistress Annik Honoré contribute

So you’re a Joy Division fan. You own Control, you’ve listened to Unknown Pleasures a gajillion times, and you’ve plastered your bedroom walls with Ian Curtis bus poster art. You think you’ve heard the whole story of love lost, brilliant talent squandered and tragic suicide. Well you haven’t. Filmmaker Grant Gee directs the succinctly named Joy […]

The Jesus Club isn’t what it sounds like. It’s a club in Berlin that opened November 4th and it reads like a pretty amazing night out. The idea is to stir up a daring mix of “music, dance, performance, visual arts and food into a socially engaging atmospherical miracle.” Love it. The reason why the […]

Chances are, if you picked up the July issue of Wallpaper, Peter Saville’s (Factory Records fame… you know, Joy Division and New Order) amazingly sexy “Erotic House” fashion editorial made an impression. The whole idea behind the shoot was to recreate the environment of Saville’s infamous flat in London. Apparently some pretty legendary shit went […]