13 Sep
More fun at hipsters' expense

Sort of reminds me of the Space Hipsters cartoon, which wasn’t far from the infamous Hipster Olympics. Who cares — does making fun of self-important hipsters ever get old? We know the answer to that one…

4 Aug
6 stylish ties to save you time

The idea of a clip-on bow tie is enough to give any red-blooded fashionista an outbreak of hives, but if you could make stylish clip-ons with all the attention to detail and panache of a traditional bow tie? Why not, right? Sometimes you’re in a rush, and a clip-on tie would make a convenient and […]

29 Jul
Disrupting the dismal dissemination of fashion discourse

DIS magazine traveled to sunny Venice Beach, Echo Park and other hipster-swarmed Los Angeles locales to see what fashion trends were hot on the street. Except like a very disoriented and confused Bruno, DIS only seemed to run into completely fabricated trends — such as velcro and suction cup accessories to keep your wallet on […]

Apparently there are a growing number of fashion conscious hotties riding around on scooters these days with unattractive head protection. It hasn’t hit Hollywood yet. Perhaps it’s a Parisian anomaly? Maybe the trend is just holding back until Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel and Fendi) officially debuts this mink covered, iPod ready motorcycle helmet as part of […]

Lace up your Converse and get ready to rumble. Like rumble for reals. American Apparel gear for as little as a buck a pop? Apparently, yes. Sounds like shit is gonna get crazy. Last year when they did this they had (according to their website) about 4,000 people roll though taking home almost 200,000 garments. […]

Los Angeles based The Quiet Life latest and greatest. Perfect back to school fashion

Pubic School is definitely one of Lost in a Supermarket’s favorite lines. This shirt says it all and pretty much underlines their attitude and aesthetic. You’ll be hearing more about these guys in the future… stay tuned.