17 Jul
A slightly larger, more masculine version of the female smash

The Fendi Peekaboo bag has been hanging from the shoulders of many a satchel-respecting female since 2009. Now, in a slightly larger size and with a hidden closure lock that gives the bag a look that is more Felix the Cat manly than effeminate, men can strut it like street wear, too. The Selleria Bugs version […]

17 Sep
Fashion Figure INC is here to save your Action Figure's day

Fashion Figure INC is unlike any organization you’ve ever heard of. The brainchild of the elusive, artistic savant Reggieknow (who we’ve profiled before), FFINC has arguably the world’s most unique business model: they make dope ass gear for your action figures, and they will style them the hell out. If you’ve ever, absolutely, 100%, no […]

If you’re thinking this Fendi rifle looks familiar you aren’t too far off — resident fashionisto “Bruno” took his very own Chanel RGP to his film premiere last year. Well, considering Sacha Baron Cohen’s use of them, I think its safe to assume these life-threatening accessories are more of an ironic statement on society then […]

Apparently there are a growing number of fashion conscious hotties riding around on scooters these days with unattractive head protection. It hasn’t hit Hollywood yet. Perhaps it’s a Parisian anomaly? Maybe the trend is just holding back until Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel and Fendi) officially debuts this mink covered, iPod ready motorcycle helmet as part of […]