5 Mar
Flashlight, GPS, walkie talkie, Bluetooth & USB all-in-one tool

On your next action/adventure foray into the jungles of Guatemala, forget bringing a flashlight, GPS and walkie talkie. Just bring a FOGO. This proposed all-in-one adventure gadget also comes Bluetooth ready, houses a USB backup battery, and — for those of you ready to rough it like the rabid survivalists that you really are — […]

Russian motorcycle manufacturer Ural has unveiled a limited edition motorcycle for US shores. We’ve covered the Ural sT before, but this new bike comes with many extra features…at double the pricetag. Named after the World’s largest northernmost forest frontier, the Great Taiga forests in Siberia, the Limited Edition Ural “Taiga” 2WD is loaded with off-road […]

5 Mar
Keep the dream alive with this night-vision camcorder

Don’t let those LED’s fool you, this flashlight is fully equipped with a 2-megapixel still/VGA video camera inside of its handle. Notice that tiny hole in the circle of lights? Well, it’s not just in need of a new light bulb. This flashlight is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but […]