31 Jan
Show off to everyone what a well-cultured dickhead you are

What’s the point of globetrotting the world if you can’t show off to all those home-bound cubicle monkeys just how well traveled you are? Sure their lives are an empty conveyor belt of soul-crushing habit, while you get to spend your life traipsing around the globe like a pop star — but if you can’t […]

21 Jan
When coffee tables grow legs... for real...

Parra’s artwork is usually presented in 2D mode, but seeing his super-fat style manifested into 3D format — especially for something as usually mundane as a coffeetable — is rad. The Dutch artist collaborated with the Belgium-based Toykyo for this limited edition furniture, called The Fly New Coffee Table. The Botero-like feet are common for […]

21 Sep
The unsubstantiated AVX Aircraft Company's new airborne SUV

In these worldwide interwebs there are a lot of vehicles “unveiled” and “released” that have absolutely no chance in hell of ever actually existing in the meat world. Such is probably the case with Texas-based AVX Aircraft Company’s new airborne SUV. While other prototype flying cars are getting closer to reality (such as the Terrafugia […]

10 Sep
Travel smart with 3 new trench coats for Autumn

Makintosh has teamed up with Kitsuné to let them rework three of their classic trench coats for Autumn 2010. The French label has taken their Voyager collection and integrated into each special pockets: one for your passport, one for easy pen access and a chest pocket perfect for your flight ticket or immigration documents. For […]

21 Jan
When a Gulfstream V just isn't enough anymore

Ever since the demise of the elegant Concorde, the extremely rich have had to fly at the same speeds as all of us mouth-breathing unwashed masses. But for how long they can they be forced to suffer such ignominy? Sure there is no supersonic commercial plane anywhere near production, but that doesn’t mean the private […]