20 Sep
Dedicated to crafting quality apparel inspired by vintage speed

Champions Moto is known for building bikes adhering to the excellence of the vintage race bike design, yet powered by the performance of modern engines. Recently the company recruited Jason Bleick, former Vice President of Design for Quicksilver, to channel his love for vintage objects and classic motorcycles to design the Champions Moto So-Cal Speed […]

12 Jul
Eco-friendly collection hits stores September 1

Element Skateboards just introduced their first line of eco-conscious menswear. As the industry evolves Element is attempting to grow alongside the organic style evolution of the surf/skate culture, and thus the collection focuses on environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. Using Earth-tone colors and showing an appreciation for living with respect to the environment, the pieces […]

12 Apr
Austrian milliners keep it in the family

In my eyes, hats are an underrated fashion accessory, but when a company like Mühlbauer turns it into an art form, everyone seems to appreciate it. They’ve adorned the heads of some of the most famous names in the world, and they’re certainly available to the lesser known folks out there (assuming you’ve got the […]

26 Mar
Part One in the lost history of a pop-fashion machine

Tokidoki is a Japanese word whose etymology is, for the most part, vague. The definition can flip from “sometimes” to “constantly”, although the latter’s more appropriate when applied to the flourishing pop-fashion brand tokidoki, as its proprietors are always in motion. Their output is prolific, their hustle grand. You’ve seen their coveted hyper-stylized Karl Lagerfeld […]

3 Dec
Not Just a Gentleman's Club...

We might be guilty along with the rest of So Cal consumers in believing that boot cobbling in the west is, well… dead. It absolutely is not! Meet George Esquivel — a legitimately cool, punk rock loving guy from Anaheim, California. Apprenticing from a renowned shoe cobbler almost a decade ago, Mr. Esquivel soon gave […]

29 Sep
Questioning The Parameter Of What A Band Is…And Could Be.

Words by Cristina Fisher / Photos by Robert Kieran On a recent Saturday night at Mountain Bar in the tiled-roof heart of Chinatown, downtown LA, Optimo was billed to DJ. Ducking in between the pagodas, and walking up creaky steps to the 2nd floor, I was hit by a wall of fog in near complete […]

17 Aug
7 Tees For 7 Days...Rehabilitating California Style

It’s hard not to conjure up images of retarded Orange County strippers or the kinda guys that piss themselves while sleeping or crunchy Teva wearing granola eaters when talking about California style. Damn you PacSun. Damn you. It doesn’t all have to suck, though. Here are a few tees from Warriors of Radness summer line […]

25 Apr
Bloated Egos, Self-Entitled Rich Kids Belittling Clerks. Fun.

Do we really need a Fred Segal Reality TV show? According to Bravo that’s affirmative. They have one in production right now. Reuters is reporting that this new Fred Segal series is 1 of 4 new shows in the worlds of “fashion, design, cuisine and real estate.” This being the fashion one, the show is […]