30 Mar
Weismann Spyder Concept: more fun than a catapult

If you’re in the market for a rocket powered car in a Go-Kart shell, sure you could get a Lotus (easy there, Lotus fans — just playing!). But if you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten path, then you may want to investigate German coachbuild manufacturer Weismann who are aiming to ramp into […]

3 Nov
License to Kill...Bacteria

Donkey Products, a German-based design company, adds some danger to your everyday toiletries and kitchen wear. For example this Gangstaz Paradise Handgun-shaped soap, which ironically lathers up in a delicate rose scent. With or without the license to kill, enjoy a dry martini while you bathe with this soap…shaken, not stirred, naturally. $21 (€ 15).

27 Jul
Now only half as hideous...but it can still fly

Remember that Terrafugia Flying Car we talked about last summer? They promised it was more than wistful ambitions and barely functioning proof of concepts, hoping to enter production as early as this year. Well apparently they’re one step closer, finally releasing the production version of their Transition Flying Car, which they’ve given a significant facelift. […]

15 Jun
Be a tourist, but still avoid looking like a Dutch yokel

What’s the best way to succumb to the unavoidable need of a city guide in an unfamiliar city, while still keeping the horrific stench of camera-toting tourist off of you? Why Moleskin City Guides, of course. These specially curated 3.5″ x 5.5″ guidebooks make an ideal way to organize your trip while  preserving your memories […]

21 May
Number 7 in the series may only offer a temporary fix, but not a solution to the CoD addiction...

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops just on the horizon, Activision unleashes its second teaser trailer for the game. This reel opens with a jet fighter air strike and a standard, disgruntled voiceover. “A lie is a lie. Just because they write it down and call it history, doesn’t make it the […]

8 Apr
One more way to make people think you're smart

After the DURKL Sherlock Holmes hat, this Pipe Necklace seems very appropriate. Although wearing a detective hat and smoking a pipe, whilst wearing a pipe-shaped necklace, might be taking the esteemed gentleman thing a bit too far. But for only $70 (54 euros), it’s a look you can afford.

5 Apr
It's like riding on a fire hose

After checking out the Internet buzz surrounding this new European water sport contraption, one description stood out. The JetLev-Flyer is like riding on a fire hose, full blast. I’ve only been water skiing once in my life, but I know I’d have fun on this thing. This water powered jetpack will be on display at […]

4 Feb
Wear your addictions proudly

Now I’m the last person to judge anyone for their vices, lord knows that. But when Cast of Vices declare their collection of jewelry “casts a critical eye on pop culture and our obsession with self-medication and addiction,” I kinda have to call bullshit on that. I mean, who’s gonna wear a silver Miller High […]