15 Jun
Celebrate the world's greatest sporting event on BBC 1Xtra

With the ball just dropping for the 2014 FIFA World Cup yesterday, Diplo kicked off  with his hour-long mix on the BBC 1Xtra Mistajam. The Brazilian location of the soccer showdown seems to have had some impression on the mix, as much of the mix is heavy with Latin-American verve, not to mention some big-name remixes of […]

6 Jun
Bend it like Paul Smith... in soccer decorum

To best accessorize the World Cup, Paul Smith has created a limited-edition run of 250 designer footballs that bear his signature stripe. The size 5 ball is also decked out with a colorful Chevron pattern and comes with a dust bag. But just be aware that if you’re really amped about dandying up  the soccer field, you’ll […]

In honor of the fast-approaching 2010 FIFA World Cup, French luxury house Louis Vuitton has designed the incredibly odd soccer (or futbal for those outside of the U.S.) inspired travel bags. Now, I can’t exactly say that Louis Vuitton designed the bags specifically for the upcoming worldwide event, especially considering they are on the Fall/Winter […]

24 Oct
Palestine plays their first home football/soccer/fútbol game EVER

When I venture forth from this mortal coil, off into the cold dark void of nothingness, there will exist only a handful of moments to comfort me into the night — a sacred series of moments that I will always consider epic. As in, truly epic — the stuff of lore and immortality. The time […]

3 Nov
Palestine vs. Jordan, the Best Soccer Game Ever

When I first found out I was invited to go to Ramallah last week to watch the Palestinian National Team play Jordan in soccer/football/fútbol, I’ll admit I was a bit anxious. Excited yes, but also nervous. Not only about going to the West Bank — you know, that tea kettle simmering at 1 degree below […]

27 Oct
Madman Mundt’s Epic Moments In Life

There are a handful of moments in my life that I will always consider epic. The time I snuck into a Yucatan cenote during a hurricane, and had the whole thing to myself and my imaginary girlfriend. Interviewing Iggy Pop. Hitting 184 mph in a Bugatti Veyron in 3 seconds flat. Seeing Rage Against the […]

This video does for fútbol what the Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” does for partying (find this video on ur own). Only, instead of making me want to ingest copious drugs, beat people up, steal cars and bang strippers, it makes me want to lace up the ol’ cleats and sharpen those corner kick skillz. […]