26 Jan
Lambo flogs its best selling supercar for one more "special" edition

With only one month to go before Lamborghini unveils the highly anticipated V12 replacement for its halo Murciélago supercar at the Geneva Motor Show, Automobili Lamborghini announces one more Special Edition of its V10 Gallardo, the LP 560-4 Bicolore. Seeing as the Italian manufacturer only has 2 models, the boys at Sant’Agata are accustomed to […]

12 Mar
First it was a dream, now it is a concept, and soon it will be a reality: the street legal golf car

Garia, the company who produced the world’s most expensive golf car at over $17,000, has developed a concept for a road-capable version. The Garia LSV is a low-speed vehicle which can reach speeds up to 40km/h and can be driven on public roads because it’s fully equipped with the appropriate street legal safety gear: seatbelts, […]

4 Mar
This time Bertone shows what they can do with Alfa's curves

We already saw what Alfa Romeo could do with one premier Italian design house, so why not give some shine to their collaboration with another legendary Italian design house — this time Bertone. While Pininfarina’s 2uettottanta Concept has the curvaceous elegance of a 50s pinup, this Pandion Concept is an angular, futuristic, razorblade-fitted assassin. Its […]

25 Feb
Half bike, Half car, All useless

The Honda 3R-C Concept will make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show (March 4-14), but it’s already turning heads as yet another fanciful flight of nonsense from Honda. We actually liked the P-NUT, but recognize that it will never see the light of day — as is surely the same fate for the […]

First off, sorry for disappearing for the last couple days — our site was down on our end and we couldn’t post. Anywho, this is the just-announced Continental Supersports — the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever, which we teased back in January (they called it the Extreme at the time). But Bentley also claims […]

I have grown to greatly prefer Bentleys (especially the Continental GT) to anything its limey cousin Rolls Royce seems to put out (I think the Phantom is heinous). Now, Bentley is promising to debut their crown jewel, the Extreme (teased above), at the 79th Annual Geneva Motor Show from March 5-15. According to Bentley’s PR: […]