14 Sep
Over seven hours of comedy from one of the funniest humans ever

UPDATE: This Bill Hicks Exclusive Ryko Box Set comes out TODAY. Buy it for $35 here. There are few dead comics that stand on the pantheon of Great American Comedians, and the class is rare. George Carlin, John Belushi, Mitch Hedburg, etc (I’m sure I’m missing some, feel free to let me know). And on […]

22 Jan
The inexplicable beauty of hideous monsters

When I first saw Joshua Ben Longo’s creations I knew I’d stumbled across a little bit of pixie dust. I can’t totally explain it, but his monstrous creations just resonate with me from a distant place reserved for childhood wonders — stuff like comic books, monsters both repulsive and whimsical, sci-fi flicks and, yes, stuffed […]

14 Aug
One of the only surefire ways to prevent masturbation is crucifixion

There’s this well-known George Carlin quote: “If God had intended us not to masturbate, he would’ve made our arms shorter.” I don’t think Mr. Carlin went far enough. Even with shorter arms, people would have found a way to masturbate. Frequently. We’d all be using oddly shaped extenders like those grabbers that elderly people in […]

God loves you, and he needs money. And apparently, he needed some in-home entertainment today. So he pulled George Carlin’s card, and called for a comedy set up in the Pearly Gates. He was bad ass, and he will be missed…