5 Feb
Join the elite ranks of "Otacool 2: Worldwide Cosplayers"

Do you like to dress up like your favorite heroes from film, comics, games and sci-fi TV? Do you spend weekends looking for the perfect accoutrement to finish off your Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy or Witchblade character? Do you wish your life were a more interesting experience than the daily hamster wheel of soul-crushing cubicle […]

22 Jan
The inexplicable beauty of hideous monsters

When I first saw Joshua Ben Longo’s creations I knew I’d stumbled across a little bit of pixie dust. I can’t totally explain it, but his monstrous creations just resonate with me from a distant place reserved for childhood wonders — stuff like comic books, monsters both repulsive and whimsical, sci-fi flicks and, yes, stuffed […]

15 Sep
Colliding 2 joys of my youth in one glorious moment

This is one of those things that is so awesome it makes my head spin in befuddlement, making me wonder how something so utterly superlative was not thought of before…especially by me. Combining two of the greatest joys in my youth — action figures and video game arcades — into one toy. I must have. […]

1 Sep
Sometimes American truth is stranger than Nigerian fiction...

Photographer Pieter Hugo documents some of the characters common to one of the world’s largest producers of feature films, Nollywood. These African productions are typically cruder than their Hollywood counterparts, sometimes costing a fraction of a fraction of even crappy American box office flops and are usually shot within days. Low production and advertising costs […]

We’ve been kinda pooping on this since May, what with how craptacular Stormshadow leaks looked, but this trailer actually redeems it a bit. A bit. I’m still not holding my breath — I mean, Dennis Quaid as Hawk? — but still, I’ll probably be there opening weekend baked outta my noodles. Who knows, a couple […]

I really had no intention of turning this into Giant Geek Who Grew Up In the 80s Watching Too Many Cartoons week, but I guess it’s that time of year when all this stuff comes out. Besides, after being so surprised by how good Iron Man was this week, and then seeing this Burke Williams-masseuse-looking […]