13 Aug
Girls With Big Butts Riding Around On Bikes now in tee shirt form

We covered INSA‘s brilliantly simple Girls On Bikes (aka “Girls With Big Butts Riding Around On Bikes”) art installation project before, and now the street artist has collaborated with ADDICT to bring the images to tee shirt form. The limited edition soft cotton tees feature both ADDICT and INSA’s branding on each sleeve with matching stitch, […]

Is there anything more that needs to be said beyond the title? I mean, if the devil is in the details then the divine is in the profoundly simple. Case in point: photographer Ben Watts takes a bunch of naked models, throws some superfluous biking accessories on them, and has them ride around on some […]

Street artist INSA, known for his illustrations of ample bossomed and bottomed ladies, has released images from his ongoing public installation art project aptly titled Girls On Bikes. The idea couldn’t be more simple: he photographs voluptuous, scantily clad women riding around on bikes in front of his murals. Pretty basic, right? Well not really, […]