Having just come onto the scene last August, Los Angeles-based label U.SSKB now teams up with customization master and fellow Angeleno Dr. Romanelli for their latest release. After debuting their inaugural footwear collection with Mark McNairy, for 2013 the label now offers a series of six vintage 1940s pea coats restyled with zippers, hand chain stitching and […]

27 Jul
Lost originals finally found, fully remastered for first time

35 years after the fact, one of the most iconic and influential albums in music history still sounds as powerful and singular as ever. Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols changed the landscape for the music industry, and was the only official album released by the Sex Pistols while bassist Sid Vicious was […]

28 Apr
Anarchy, Sex And The Queen

Love this tee from Japanese based Kring Design (K-id R-ough draw-ING is what inspired the name). Being a boutique brand from Japan with little to no distribution makes it rather difficult to slide into this. The only spot listed on their site says Shoe Gallery in Miami (244 NE 1st Ave, 305.371.2063)—the king retail spot […]