17 Jan
Artist Emilio Garcia's limited edition resin cephalic weaponry

Are you the type of guy who drops little nuggets of knowledge everywhere you go? Are you the sort of armchair philosopher who attends parties, passes out weed-based consumables to passersby and then casually slips Buddhist koans into conversations to blow everyone’s minds? Then you need artist Emilio Garcia’s BRAINADE!, a limited edition weapon of psychic […]

Chuck Norris jokes aside, this might be the most inventive writing pad we’ve seen since Moleskine’s suede-lined Folio Digital collection. The black Armed Notebooks from Megawing feature three distinctive designs, each with its own way of transforming symbols of violence into tools of creativity. Featuring a 3-dimensional embossed cover of either a hand grenade, revolver […]

23 May
Hand blown totems to show the true cost of violence

Hand blown to crystallized perfection, these cut glass grenades stand as a symbol to how precious life can be. These 10cm high grenades are a highly limited edition product (only 10) by the collective group known as Dorothy and prices are given out by request. We’re guessing they cost a little more than a pretty […]

14 Dec
UK artist Ben Turnbull mixes childhood tropes with American violence

Raised and working out of London, artist Ben Turnbull has dedicated his creativity to childhood nostalgia, mixing iconic toys and figures with the dark truth of American violence. Some of his artwork consists of gumball machines filled with weapons, or comic book heroes holding the decapitated heads of dictators the American government has sacrificed lives […]

Very similar to those Love Grenades that people went so bonkers about (but not so much like those USB Grenades), these Flower Grenades are the perfect gift for the secret cell guerilla gardener in your life. For those who don’t know, guerilla gardening is the growing urban passtime of taking over forgotten landscapes (vacant lots, […]

9 Dec
The ancient Chinese art of ping pong versus the ancient Russian art of roulette

Its the ancient Chinese art of ping pong versus the ancient Russian art of roulette in Metal On Metal’s “Bastard” video (created by NYC and Sydney’s The Glue Society). The acid electro soundtrack fits the rising tension of the video like a bloody glove, you’re just waiting to see who gets lucky… Metal on Metal […]

19 Nov
Fantasize about blowing up your computer

Sometimes I wish I could blow up my computer, mostly when it miraculously decides to not do stuff I could do with it only a couple hours earlier. Why dost thou forsake me so, Lappy? If I had these grenade USB flash drives I could at least pretend. Buy em for $39.99 and live out […]