26 Oct
Ergonomically designed luxury grooming kit for ultimate shave

Featuring the latest technology from Gillette, New York based grooming company The Art of Shaving has introduced their Power Shave Collection. Included in the luxury collection is the Power Razor, Power Brush and Customizable Stand. The Power Razor keeps its blade sharp due to Smart Technology: a built-in indicator light fades from vibrant blue to white […]

1 Sep
The ultimate gentleman's travel toiletry assembly

Seattle’s Blackbird boutique excels in many aspects of menswear, but their vintage department is a virtual trove of hidden treasures. Among them is this beautiful vintage grooming kit fashioned from walrus leather that has a rich, textured look that nothing but time can bestow on an item. The gold zippered main compartment opens flat to […]

26 Apr
Magnetic Power Stays by Wurkin aim to keep you fresh

You know how when your shirts get a little old or well-worn the collars start to droop like wilted broccoli? These Power Stays by Würkin aim to fix that, but unlike most traditional stays they use the power of magnetics to accomplish their sartorial goals. The high-tech alloy stays are made with the same material […]