1 Jun
Artist uses award money for newest installation

Conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldman is important. So important in fact that he was named the recipient of the Hugo Boss Prize last November — a bi-annual award presented to artists who make significant achievements in contemporary art. Attached to winning the award, the German artist received $100,000. In a stroke of artistic inspiration, Feldman — […]

17 Dec
Capturing the altering prairies of North America

Terry Evans, art photographer by way of the Chicago area, captures the vast landscape of both countryside and cityscape from the ground as well as god’s eye perspectives. Her recent projects have included photographic series documenting climactic changes in glacial regions as well as the fire and metal world of working steel mills. Winner of […]

30 Nov
Frank Lloyd Wright gets his Danish brick on

I’ve got a few kids to buy Christmas gifts for this year and whilst stumbling around looking for something outside the Bratz-Bakugan-Hannah Montana junta I found these Lego Architecture sets and I became insanely jealous. Sure, I had that awesome castle set when I was a young’un, and of course copious space/moon sets (anybody out […]