If you’re obscenely rich lucky enough to be currently participating in the inter-continental celebrity and royalty hell on wheels automotive orgy that is the Gumball 3000 Rally, then you may know what the Galag TG1 is. If not, then there’s almost no chance in hell you do, as the Galag TG1 is a one-off mod built by […]

20 Apr
The vaunted RS line makes its return to US shores

After a long hiatus, Audi returns its high performance RS line to America in the form of the 2+2 coupé TT-RS. And for one week we had a chance to bask in its high revving glory. All photos taken exclusively for Lost In a Supermarket by Robert Kerian. I remember the first time I saw […]

Who says you can’t have it all? If you’ve got about four grand lying around, you can have a gigantic gumball machine in your house, and you will be the most popular pedo on the block. This retro-styled machine will hold up to 14,000 gumballs — now that’s a lot of temptation. Pick up your […]

13 Apr
Dodge brings its halo muscle car to a sad finale

It’s a sad day for American muscle lineage, as it was announced this week that Dodge would cease making its iconic Viper. Everyone could see this coming as Chrysler fell into deeper and deeper financial woes, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to such a singular American vehicle. Since the day the Viper first […]

11 Mar
Estevan Oriol drops his "L.A. Woman" coffee table book

LA-based photographer Estevan Oriol has forged a career keeping things simple, and doing what he does best: capturing the world around him on film. He got his start in the early 90s as the tour manager for Cypress Hill and House of Pain, when his dad gifted him a camera and challenged him to record […]

5 Mar
Swedish supercar makers return with their latest volley

UPDATE: Koenigsegg just released a video of the Agera on the track, hit the Jump to see the supercar in action The fist time I actually saw a Koenigsegg was when running the Gumball Rally in 2003, and it took off out of the San Francisco starting gate in such a torrent of rubber and […]

12 Jan
The most powerful production V8 sedan in the world loses 2 doors

In this day and age where Green is the new Black for all things automotive, I would normally discourage launching a new car with scenes of apocalyptic environmental chaos. But this is after all the new Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, one of the most exciting cars pumping American blood (and one of the most anticipated launches […]

9 May
Charlie Meadows unleashes the LIAS Caddy CTS-V on the Greatest Rally on Earth...

Today concludes the 11th annual Gumball 3000, an epic rally raging from Los Angeles to Miami via stops in Vegas, Sedona, Santa Fe, Dallas, New Orleans, and Orlando. And what a rally it was! We loaded up the Lost In a Supermarket Special Edition Cadillac CTS-V and hit the road, racing and celebrating in massive […]