12 Dec
From Japanese art to the appreciation of well shaped derrières

The second installment of our Best Of 2011 retrospective series focuses on the Top 10 Books of 2011, including photo-heavy coffee table books, research tomes and literature. From the history of menswear staples to Japanese art to modernist architecture to the appreciation of the well shaped derrière, there were a multitude of books published covering […]

31 Oct
The final book in trilogy of complete world knowledge

God I love John Hodgman. Ever since first seeing him on The Daily Show I recognized his genius, and so did apparently Jon Stewart, as from that first appearance he’s grown to become the show’s re-occurring “Resident Expert”. Since then of course he played the role of the hapless “PC” in those brilliant Mac ads, […]

20 Oct
Now all you need to do is bang your kid's school teacher

In the Could’ve Seen This Coming From a Mile Away category, Brooks Brothers got the nod to release the official Mad Men suit, and it’s about time. Everyone from Banana Republic to Lids to Hot Dog On a Stick has been dressing their window displays with Mad Men-like suits, so it’s about time someone did […]

23 Sep
Why is Obama trying to reform Healthcare when insurance companies are doing just fine making billions of dollars in profits?

This health care debate is pretty stupid in my eyes. Whoever thinks we don’t need a major overhaul has either A) never had a person close to them get sick; B) the money to cover the bills that will inevitably pile up; or C) been so far duped by the Insurance Company propaganda machine (aka […]