13 Feb
Austrian military truck tarps, tractor innertubes & vintage WWII canvases used to craft unique bag collection

When first introduced to Defy Bags we knew we were onto something special. Chris Tag, founder and mastermind behind the hand-crafted Chicago-based leather goods company, grew up in an industrial auto manufacturing town which fostered his appreciation for hard work and craftsmanship. Since launching his brand in 2008, Tag has crafted each product from mostly […]

15 Jun
Brother leather-making duo showcases refined handcrafted bag

Billykirk, a New York-based leather maker company is the dream of Chris and William Kirkland who developed the brand’s name before they envisioned what their product would one day be. Since their first collection hit shelves in 1999, their team has hand crafted leather wallets, bags, belts and more. Their newest bag, the leather Schoolboy […]

13 Jun
Bianca Chang's 3D moving paper fonts

Bianca Chang is a freelance designer and part-time paper artist based in Sydney, Australia who creates typographic sculptures from cutting shifting forms sequentially out of many sheets of paper. The 3D letterforms become visible when the sheets are stacked together — and when sequenced together with stop-motion can create skilled animations, as seen in the […]

Each log bowl, designed and created by Loyal Loot, is hand made from beginning to end — everything from hand selected logs found from naturally fallen trees, to the actual carving done by local crafts people. But fret not greenies, each log used is either found from trees that have been cut down from landscaping […]

12 Oct
The Henri Lloyd Autumn 2010 Footwear Collection

Classic looking with an air of European styling, these boots look like they’ve been grown and harvested straight from the very earth of Tuscany soil. Introducing the contemporary styled ‘Country Gent’ boot, from Henri Lloyd’s Autumn ’10 footwear collection. Each boot is handcrafted and individually buffed to create classic vintage detailing. Made from full grain […]

18 May
Boots and shoes from Japan's Moto Leather & Silver

Italian fashion site Men’s Mentore has a short but wonderful piece on Japanese leather crafstman Sakuto Motoike, who launched the Moto Leather & Silver footwear line in 1971. The son of artist Hideo Motoike, Sakuto’s leather creations are so skilled one could credit them almost as being sculptures themselves as opposed to rote footwear. Check […]

4 Mar
I know what to ask Santa for next Christmas

While most toy designers are content with using vinyl as their clay of the gods, Berlin’s Zeitgeist Toys prefers to use fine materials like precious metals and even porcelain to mold their beasts. As porcelain is one of the finest and most difficult materials to work with, it’s no wonder they demand such exorbitant prices. […]

9 Feb
Made from 224-year-old Russian leather

Avast me mateys, batten down the hatches, hoist the aft sheets and shiver me timbers! I don’t know what any of that means either but typing it felt right when paired with the Gladstone hunting kit bag from G.J. Cleverley. This limited edition bag was hand crafted from Russian leather which was salvaged from the […]