Music festivals are a dime a dozen nowadays, with nearly every podunk berg and deep niche music blog trying to attract aficionados to their questionable line-ups. And although comedy has played a small roll in some of these festivals — such as Bonnaroo, for instance — how come no one has organized a comedy-based festival? […]

16 Nov
Swiss brand's two highly versatile Limited Edition models

We featured Aekae studio and QWSTION‘s collaborative “Red Wine” edition Weekender and Day bag not too long ago. Now, a third European design force joins in their game of innovation. Based in Zurich and London, font foundry EuropaType‘s approach to developing typefaces involves the questioning and refinement of the shapes of our heritage; a highly similar approach […]

21 May
From baseball glove to handbags, and back to baseball gloves

American leather luxury house Coach is getting in touch with its origins with the production of this luxury baseball glove. Without the inspiration of a baseball glove in 1941 that brought about fascination from its distinctive markings and tactile appeal after use, all of Coach’s line would cease to exist. The glove is regulation size, […]

Bill Amberg’s Triumph briefcases and laptop bags are about as clean and sharp as a laptop bag can get. Constructed of plain or perforated calfskin leather outers, and with cotton drill lining inspired by the interiors of vintage English sports cars, the Triumph is Amberg’s best-selling leather bag. The softshell briefcase is slim, light and […]

1 Jul
Someone Has A Love For Leather—And It’s Kinda Sexy.

The website tells me that in late 2007, after waking from a dream where Miyamoto Musashi (a badass Japanese swordsman known for his wicked combat style and general awesomeness when it comes to duels) and General Custer (the “Last Stand” guy that got his ass handed to him by Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho warriors at […]