Congrats to LIAS-fave artist Hannah Stouffer for her recent Obsessive Combustion project for Vans. She was one of the featured artists at our End Days party, and we’ve loved her work for years (read our quick interview). Using ink and watercolors as her main medium (besides awesome installation work), Hannah employed her illustrative style on […]

9 Dec
Contrasting love, lust, and gore-decadence, wrath and fate

LA-based illustrator Hannah Stouffer is one of our favorites and we’re supper happy to have her as one of the featured artists at our “End Days” event this weekend. If you like icons and images that reflect and categorize historical eras, genres, and subcultures, no doubt you’ll find Hannah’s work opulent, elegant, and a beautifully […]

7 Dec
Lost In A Supermarket and PUMA join forces once again...Save the date.

Hola friends and loyal readers, we’re following up that infamous Liberace Penthouse party with did with PUMA back in August with another full-on visual and audio sensory adventure. Save the date… Saturday, December 12th. We think it’ll be an affair to remember. Once again we’ve gotta give props to PUMA for their help in making […]