23 Sep
What happens when you free the biggest fanboy oeuvre of all time

Last year former Vimeo developer named Casey Pugh announced his project Star Wars Uncut. The idea was simple, but oh-so-grand in execution: break up Star Wars — the biggest and most untouchable fanboy epic of all time — into 15 second partitions and let sci-fi nerds from across the globe claim these chunks of immortal […]

25 Feb
Another day, another high-end designer slumming with his sneaker line

Another day, another high end designer slumming with his sneaker line (not really, we love this stuff). This time it’s John Varvatos streetwalking with Converse for their CT All Star Specialty OX Woven. Did you see Varvatos on the last episode of HBO’s How To Make It In America? So far I’m not too sure […]

1 Dec
Delving into the secretive and violent lives of seemingly ordinary people...

You know how you think you know someone and then they go off and do something totally unexpected? Well that’s what’s happening right now. I worked with Bernie Su at the magazine I edited awhile back, he was our in-house technical guru / new media manager. I knew he was up to some stuff on […]

Season 2 Online Premiere – Flight of the Conchords (US Only) – watch more funny videos For all those that don’t know, Flight of the Conchards’ new season is premiering on January 18 on HBO. If you can’t wait, however (who the hell can???), you can watch the first episode RIGHT NOW at Funny Or […]

Ok, fuck The Spirit, fuck Hulk, fuck Hellboy, fuck even the Dark Knight. I just caught this trailer before Wanted (a poor man’s Matrix, a Sudan-destitute refugee’s Fight Club), and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Holy Shit. This could be everything the craptacular, Tom Jane-led 2004 Punisher was not: brutal, dark, violent, relentless. OH, and […]

Caught the Flight of the Conchords last night at the Orpheum theatre in downtown LA. As expected, they were pretty hilarious. Although I have to say their between-song banter was much better than the actual songs. Either I’d heard the songs before (in which case the punchlines were a bit softened by repetition), or they […]