19 May
3 iterations of Kenny Hauk's off-road modification Midas touch

Kenny Hauk of Pennsylvania-based Hauk Designs puts his off-road modification Midas touch on the already classic Jeep Wrangler to create three purpose-built beasts: the Dune Raider, River Raider and Rock Raider. Each Hauk Raider is custom manufactured to personalized customer specifications, creating unstoppable off-road vehicles modified for the specific terrain you want to conquer: the […]

4 Oct
Will America fall in love...or scratch its head?

Nissan invited Lost In a Supermarket up to Vancouver to testdrive their brand spanking new Juke, and this is the results… Oh how I ponder your star-crossed fate, Nissan Juke. While I stare at your curious “crocodile” headlights, mounted high on your raised fenders and separated by feet of steel from your grill, I wonder […]

17 Sep
Audi's all revamped luxury flagship for 2011

We’re excited to announce that Lost In a Supermarket will be receiving the all-new 2011 Audi A8 next week for a week long test drive — we couldn’t be more stoked. Premiered to much fanfare last winter at the Art Basel show in Miami, the car is just now hitting US press fleets, and we’ll […]