5 May
A fashion line started by synchronicity

The California-based Vaughn de Heart label offers a collection of tshirts, cardigans, hoodies and other assorted staples that put fit, clean design and exclusivity before cheap efficiency. Vaughn de Heart founder RoyLyn Palmer-Coleman realized that when your label starts with a brush with synchronicity you need to run with it, and so he did. After […]

I don’t know a lot about women, but what I do know is that they love anatomically correct cakes shaped like bleeding organs. How else to show them that you really, really care than to give them an oozing representation of your viscous, guilt-filled heart? Luckily the geniusly named baker Lily Vanilli is here with […]

26 Jan
Tell your imaginary girlfriend you love her and that you're a nerd in one single Valentine statement

Artist Betsy Stern created this just-for-nerds ASCII Heart Pendant — a 1.5″ tall Sterling silver pendant  handmade from 1mm thick sheet and tubing, depicting the internet-savvy sentiment <3 (aka the ascii heart). The < and 3 dangle freely, and it’s available with a 19 inch long 3mm leather cord or Sterling silver chain. Finished with […]