25 Oct
A slightly hotter derivation of Scott's "Leather Wings"

More footwear madness from the mind of Jeremy Scott, this time the “Fire” edition for his Spring/Summer 2011 Originals by Originals collection. All of his shoes made in collaboration with adidas have been hot, but these literally take the title with their exaggerated flame treatment shooting out from the high-tops. A slight derivation from Scott’s […]

17 Sep
Fashion Figure INC is here to save your Action Figure's day

Fashion Figure INC is unlike any organization you’ve ever heard of. The brainchild of the elusive, artistic savant Reggieknow (who we’ve profiled before), FFINC has arguably the world’s most unique business model: they make dope ass gear for your action figures, and they will style them the hell out. If you’ve ever, absolutely, 100%, no […]

As can be expected by his past shoes for his Adidas Originals by Originals Collection, Jeremy Scott’s latest creation continues the over-the-top aesthetics for Fall/Winter 2010. The new Leather Wings 2.0 white and black high top sneakers feature exaggerated Hermes-like (the god, not the luxury brand) wings that flare from the heel (instead of, say, […]

20 May
Making more than just baseball gloves and origami paper

I kind of like how Hermès isn’t afraid to move outside of the usual paradigm for luxury fashion houses. They’ve already created a baseball glove and origami paper, so why not a saddle? And if you’re gonna make a saddle, and label it Hermès (with corresponding pricetag to match), why not take it to the […]

19 May
Buy very expensive paper and fold it for fun

Strange. I love origami artwork, and I also love Hermès scarves. I normally don’t have much patience for unnecessarily expensive items of luxury, but Hermes scarves have always been peerless in quality and class and that’s something I can appreciate. My mom has like a 100 of them and she always wears them with the […]

6 May
$750 for a belt that folds. With rivets.

While I applaud the ingenuity in this design, I am also forced to question its necessity. Have you ever traveled with a belt? It’s really not all that space consuming — you just roll it up like a cobra and stuff it in a corner smaller than a pair of socks. What’s the drama involved? […]

Classic is back, and there are few things more classic than the traditional pocket watch. Finding a balance between the extremities of modern design and the comfort of fashion’s roots is not easy, but if anyone can do it, it’s the highly esteemed Parisian design house Hermès. The Arceau Duc Attele Pocket Watch is Hermès-made […]

10 Feb
Ponder how Hermes and Baseball could possibly be related

The Hermès Man’s New York store on 62nd St and Madison Avenue opens tomorrow to much fanfare, and in celebration Hermès created a limited edition custom baseball glove and ball set. Although beautifully done in rich red leather and featuring the requisite embossed Hermès “H” on both glove and ball, it does make you wonder […]