25 Mar
One part loafer, one part sneaker, all parts leather

One part loafer, one part sneaker, and all parts leather — it’s the Fabro SII-Folk by Visvim. These are the second edition of the Fabro Folk series from the Japanese label and are predictably expensive, priced at $770 (579 Euros) at The Glade. But the price tag isn’t that high without reason; the hand-stitched high-end […]

16 Mar
Fluevog #2 Powells will bring you one step closer to your dream

The Fluevog #2 Powell gets its name from the address of one of the first Fox & Fluevog stores, and it gets its design from one of the first Fox & Fluevog men’s designs. Reissuing classic designs seems to be a strong trend amongst shoe designers these days, but if these are the sort of […]

18 Feb
So pretty you'll never actually want to hike in them

The Undercoverism Spring/Summer 2010 Hiking Boots strike me as a boot that is more fit for an art gallery opening than a day in the hills. Japanese designer Jun Takahashi built these from leather and brass parts and even accessorized them with spikes to scare off any small woodland creatures you might come across in […]