20 Oct
The $1,255,000 Zenvo ST1

An Indiana-based company called Red Sea Distribution has announced that it will begin importing the Danish-built Zenvo ST1 supercar to customers in the United States. Although not the first country you think of when one utters the word supercar, Denmark’s ST1 blows anything most of the free world has ever built. The mid-engined supercar is […]

8 Sep
The panoptICONS project by Helden

Ever feel like you’re being watched? The panoptICONS project aims to remind you that quite often you are. They placed birds across the Dutch city of Utrecht, only these birds had surveillance CCTV cameras instead of heads in order to spy on everything around them. Created by Thomas voor ‘t Hekke and Bas van Oerle […]

21 May
From phantom limbs to the faces of the famous

I stumbled across the photography of Ruadh DeLone and was instantly struck — both by the inherent disturbing nature of some of his themes, and the adept skill with which he captures his subjects. There’s obviously some post-production Photoshop wizardry performed on some images, but they are not tricks to hide flaws but rather techniques […]

27 Nov
Following one waterdrop's valiant LifeQuest

Dutch brewers Bavaria decided to tell the epic adventure of a drop of water following its LifeQuest to achieve its dharma — becoming a drop of Bavaria Beer. Fortunately for Droppy, he achieves his goal. Unfortunately for Droppy, he is never drunk. Well, at least not by a human. But really, who cares? That dog […]