While some can mistake the “Fuck It” philosophy of life as ambivalence, a Generation Me statement of raging apathy, it is anything but. To say “Fuck It”, and accept life’s various vicissitudes is actually a very ancient, Zen-like approach to existence and its many gifts. Clearly, HUF understands this. That’s why besides their Trucker and […]

There was a time when I moved to Venice Beach in the 90s that life was super simple, like a Wu Tang track. I was dead broke, but rent was about $350 a month at the time which means you could probably scare it up in a couple days if you really put your hustle […]

17 May
Sometimes you just gotta say it.

Sometimes you just gotta say Fuck It. And sometimes you don’t even wanna bother saying it because honestly you’re too resigned to even bother wasting your breath, so you just put it on your head because, well, fuck it. HUF understands this.

If you’re in SF today, best swing by the HUF store (812 Sutter St. * San Francisco, CA 94109 * 415.674.3744) and pick up a pair of these, as they drop this morning. Christian Hosoi (one of Madinfant’s heroes) releases his third SK8-Hi collabo with Vans. Instead of the traditional suede, this time the sneakers […]