While the first Wolverine movie disappointed, anyone who read the Marvel comic as a kid knows the Mariko storyline from the seminal Chris Claremont and Frank Miller limited series Wolverine was one of the best from the 1980s. Even Hugh Jackman admitted the first film went south, so as the lead actor and co-producer of the […]

Whoever was watching the NBA Allstar game yesterday probly caught this early trailer of Wolverine. Not too sure what to think of this flick, but I’m hopeful. Not quite as telling as the first trailer, but as long as this movie is more X2: The Genius of Singer rather than X-Men 3: Rattner’s Great Shitstorm […]

. Of course I wanna love this movie, but it’s really hard to have faith. After the celluloid abortion that was X-Men:The Last Stand, I feel a bit like a latchkey kid: Does anybody really care? Is there any true love left in this cold world? Luckily, after Iron Man and of course the brilliant […]