5 Aug
Patricia Piccinini's technology-questioning multi-media exhibit

Artist Patricia Piccinini has set out to explore the concerns and issues surrounding today’s technologies, consumerism and the construct of nature. Compiling work she’s done from 1997 to present, her Hold Me Close to Your Heart exhibition at Instanbul’s ARTER gallery includes sculpture, installation, drawing and video to challenge the viewer. Conventional wisdom has given […]

3 Sep
"Another Place" paintings by Jonathan Wateridge

It may be hard to believe, but this series of images, titled Another Place, are actually large oil paintings, not photographs. While hyper-real oil paintings are nothing new, these 3m x 4m paintings by Jonathan Wateridge are incredibly accurate, and have a cool central concept. Another Place depicts scenes from the production and narrative of […]

27 Jul
The very unmundane world of Reuben Negron

Reuben Negron paints hyper-realistic watercolors, each piece seeming like a film still capturing a moment of a story for eternity. Although much of the art is sexually charged, he claims his art explores the intricacies of the mundane…but if this is his world (eg bondage, girl-on-girl, auto arousal, implied infidelity, etc), and this is what […]