With the surge in DIY-culture of late, it is only the natural that the progression from making your own jar of pickles is moving onto building your own guillotine. So the next time you mill through the fridge, and find either a head of lettuce or a Marie Antoinette ready to rot in the crisper […]

21 Dec
David Lee's interactive ‘Continual Chair’

In the age of Craigslist and eBay, when I hear the terms “interactive” and “past, present, and future users” associated with a chair, I immediately think it’s creative advertising for a used piece of junk. That was before I was introduced to David Lee’s interactive Continual Chair. Lee’s vision is to transform this ‘common object […]

Love this symbolical pendant by Michiel Cornelissen based on actual screwing bits. It’s practical too. It even includes a bit for an IKEA’s standard size tool. Though not as hard as “real” tool bits, you could use it for light jobs. Can’t really think of a situation where this pendant would not have you covered.