10 Feb
Italo-disco + Tshirt + oki-ni

We really enjoyed The Magician’s Magic Tape Five mixtape, so it’s only natural that we’d share his latest mix — BEANS. This mixtape was commissioned by UK uber-boutique oki-ni as their eighth weekly mix of 2011. The Magician (ex Aeroplane member Stephen Fasano) trawls through his ample record collection for BEANS, mixing 80s Italo-disco from […]

3 Dec
LIAS sits down with one of America's top pop culture illustrators

I first recognized Tara McPherson a few years ago sitting at her booth at Comic Con — it was insane. The line to meet her and have art signed wrapped around 2 other booths and basically shamed the couple other artists with signings at the time. I realized then that McPherson has the sort of […]

15 Nov
Art Will Rule the World: Kira Shaimanova

Kira Shaimanova‘s art is a unique conflation of sculpture and illustration…or rather, it’s a super stylized sculpture work that when photographed — and thus rendered in 2D — appears as if it were an illustration. The Russian born artist moved to Toronto when she was 5 years old where she currently resides and makes her […]

20 Sep
"Il était une fois" by Benjamin Lacombe

I don’t know why, but I’m a pretty big fan of pop-up books. Both that ABC3D book and Popville are legitimate works of art, and when done right they’re their own genre of awesomeness. It appears this Il était une fois book fits the above category, as this trailer for the book hints at. Illustrated […]

31 Mar
Franco Brambilla unites AT-ATs with UltramanFranco Brambilla unites AT-ATs with Ultraman

Franco Brambilla is an Italian illustrator devoted to all things sci-fi, and is one of the main illustrators of the Urania and Urania Collezione sc-ifi book collection. In 2007 he launched the Invading the Vintage series, which features cute aliens, Star Wars icons, Grandizer and other Shogun Warriors invading vintage postcards. Some of the best […]

2 Dec
Mad Max meets Charlotte's Web for Victorian Naturalist Enthusiasts.

It seems ludicrous to assume if one helplessly yelps into the nights sky, calling, seemingly desperate aches and moans of what one desires — labeling it in self realization terms “telling it to the universe” — that the universe will shout back. If so, what does that sound like? So, Tony Robbins, give it to […]

11 Aug
French surrealism at its beautiful best

A truly fucking twisted, but aesthetically gorgeous, animated film inspired by the work of French illustrator Muzo. Amazing…