28 Feb
Finally, the Murcielago's replacement sees the light of day

As the Geneva Motor Show approaches, the unveilings for much-anticipated supercars only increase. After seemingly endless years of speculation, leaked teaser shots and white noise-level hype, Lamborghini has finally unveiled images and stats to the successor of its vaunted Murciélago ultra supercar: the Aventador LP700-4. The Aventador is an entirely fresh sheet design for Lamborghini […]

15 Oct
Bikes and Shoes, man's Best Friend

Showing great team spirit for Boston, New balance has teamed up with Independent Fabrication to create a shoe based of the M498 design for the 2010 SingleSpeed World Championships, taking place this year in New Zealand. Together with Independent Fabrication — known for their indie style, high quality bikes — they’ve create a bicycle frame […]

12 Oct
"Of Dolls and Murder" documentary narrated by John Waters

At first I was really confused about this documentary, because I couldn’t figure out if the death scenes depicted in these dollhouses were recreations of real murders, or simply the manifestations of someone’s really fucked up imagination. Turns out, it’s both: “The new documentary film, Of Dolls and Murder, explores our collective fascination with forensics […]

16 Jul
100+ MPH 100+ mile range Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle

What was only the stuff of pipe dreams just a couple years ago has now become a reality. Electric motorcycles — long mocked due to their silent nature, which many riders find dangerously stealthy — have begun making serious head room. The all-electric TTxGP MotoGP in the Isle of Man last summer legitimized the platform, […]