12 Sep
A Polaroid camera in every Ace Hotel New York mini-bar

The Ace Hotel group continue their inspired marketing collabs with a new partnership with The Impossible Project, manufacturers of instant film for classic Polaroid cameras. Much in tune with Ace’s vintage and Americana-themed vibe, The Impossible Project helps keep the defunct Polaroid cameras relevant by supplying them with lifegiving film. From now on each guest […]

You’re on the boardwalk. At the carnival. It’s springtime at the zoo. You’re with your bestest friends, maybe the someone special you love. You want to remember today for tomorrow. Or maybe you’re unshaven, alone in your own living room, and your phone never rings. Maybe you kind of hate yourself. You are polishing off […]

You cannot see the photograph you are about to take with this Nadia concept camera, simply because it has no display. Rather than allow you to play Ansel Adams, the Nadia passes the judgment of aesthetic quality over to ACQUINE — the first publicly available aesthetics inference engine. What that means is that ACQUINE runs […]

16 Jul
ThinkGeek's Instant Light Switch

Installing a light switch can be incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead of laboring through the installation of a light switch, ThinkGeek has come up with a solution to all your problems – the Instant Switch. The Instant Switch is able to control lamps up to 60 feet away and […]

7 May
Aiming to bring the instant camera to the instant generation

In a renewed effort to remain relevant in the post-digital age, Polaroid has just released the Polaroid 300. Like the Polaroid SX-70 Sonar Black PG Edition we covered, this new camera uses classic Polaroid instant film, but unlike the Sonar Black, the 300 is cheap and aimed at the introductry market. It features automatic flash […]