3 Jan
Mike Volpe heads back in the lab for higher quality audio files

Not satisfied with supplying most of the music to one of the biggest mixtapes of 2011, ASAP Rocky’s LiveLoveASAP mixtape (not to mention Lil B’s “I’m God”), producer Clams Casino has gone back in the lab and remastered his Instrumental mixtape. Not only are all the tracks remastered, but the bitrate of the file was […]

23 Aug
Metalface Records next "Operation: Doomsday" reissue

Do you remember that awesome Operation: Doomsday Lunchbox? It was the first official and complete reissue of MF Doom’s seminal album, and included a limited edition Lunchbox and double CD format — loaded with album plus all instrumentals, alternate tracks and b-sides. Now comes the second part of Doom’s Operation: Doomsday reissue, the MF Doom […]

12 May
Ambient post-psychedelic instrumentals to get your weed on

The droning, looping wonderfulness that is Woodsman is what you hear while getting your teeth drilled under the heavy seditation of some analgesic, painkilling drug — only without the teeth-drilling part. Hailing from Denver, their ambient post-psychedelic instrumental missives sound more like sonic backdrops to a lost teenage trip than to a couple dudes banging […]