Music festivals are a dime a dozen nowadays, with nearly every podunk berg and deep niche music blog trying to attract aficionados to their questionable line-ups. And although comedy has played a small roll in some of these festivals — such as Bonnaroo, for instance — how come no one has organized a comedy-based festival? […]

Hot off the success of last year’s much coveted Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, Thinkgeek are back with the ever-more tempting Wampa Rug. So now instead of outfitting your fireplace-side living room with a growling bear rug, you can spare one of god’s great creatures and slay a Wampa snow monster. The only thing separating this from […]

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog – Star Wars by ZaraV What better way to introduce our Viral Reruns series than with what is perhaps the 10 funniest Star Wars-related minutes in history (that love scene with Natalie Portman and Gayden Christensen not withstanding…Hi-O!). Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is the Jimi Hendrix of insults. The […]