22 Mar
Lost In A Supermarket tests Nike's athletic tech gadget motivator racing on frozen Swedish lakes... how much Fuel will it earn?

We just got a Nike FuelBand delivered to our offices, and we have to admit we’re both stoked and a bit perturbed. We appreciate the preview, but what exactly are you trying to tell us Nike? I mean we know the Fat Tire and Balvenie has its waistline effects, but dammit we’re working on it! […]

Leaders of the Pixel Art movement, Berlin’s eBoy collective constantly impress with their design work (remember their Amnesty poster?). Even tho their art is pixel-based and inherently digital, ironically most of their work is enjoyed traditionally printed on posters, bags, books, skins, ads, etc. Well now that’s about to change as the eBoys dump their […]

4 Nov
Gucci and Mark Ronson collab on a shoe, then launch Gucci iPhone App to sell it. Sneaky bastards.

The Gucci Icon-Temporary pop-up store opened up to the public on October 24 in New York City at 43 Crosby Street and will be open for the rest of the week, and will then will go on a semi-world tour to Miami on December 1st (ostensibly for Art Basel), and then London and Tokyo in […]