30 Apr
The OPC delivers high quality sound from a PC

Firsts are much appreciated here at the Supermarket, but none more than the OPC Computer Amplifier Speaker. It’s a PC with decent specs, it’s an amplifier that will piss off your neighbor, it’s the first of its kind. Plug in an array of instruments and even your iPod to be dealt a thunderstruck blow to […]

1 Mar
Another thing Phil Spector can be proud of

All I can think to say about this iPod speaker is…holy shit! The Wall of Sound iPod speaker, designed by Brothers, boasts 28 speaker elements, a 40 Hz-20.000 kHZ frequency response, and the power to kill or permanently injure any member of your family. It stands at 3′ x 4′ and keeps it simple and […]

4 Feb
Eco-friendly iPod dock made from salvaged materials...aka a log

Ostensibly these are eco-friendly and “green”, but really isn’t the Wood Music speakers just the same guts as any iPod speaker system…only stuffed in a log? Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of it — I think natural wood warms up any environment and I’d love to have it on my bookshelf. But […]