12 Oct
Michael Berger's kinetic rings

A new spin on mens jewelry, literally. Germany-based designer Michael Berger has just unveiled a new line of rings of kinetic jewelry — meaning, jewelry that moves. Consisting of geometric, sleek modern shapes, this jewelry has stacked different pieces together that actually move on top of one another. Crafted of 18K gold, silver, stainless steel […]

The idea behind the Wire Frame Chair is incredibly simple — craft a steel frame of a chair, and leave it empty so the buyer can fill it with whatever material he likes. Magazines and books make an interesting aesthetic choice, but I think the stuffed animals would most certainly be the more comfortable option. […]

I’ll be honest with you — I am NOT one of those people that delights in commercials showing babies acting like adults, or talking, or doing any of that bullshit. In fact I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of babies in general — I feel very frightened around their tender heads, like I’ll accidentally […]

18 Dec
The return of Tony Stark

Gotta say I’m pretty excited about this one. Jon Favreau absolutely killed it directing that first film — as far as comic book movies go, it would be almost impossible to beat his adaption of Iron Man. He nailed it in pitch, humor, characterization, everything. You can tell Favreau really knew the source material, which […]