19 Mar
Plantation Rum

Barbados, Panama, Trinidad, and Grenada are just a few of the exotic places represented by Plantation Rum. Produced by Pierre Fernand, each bottle is made to represent the country it’s coming from, and is distilled in the country’s traditional fashion. From there, the liquor is sent to France for several months to be refined in […]

5 Feb
Dancehall inspired rum...as if there were any another

Kingston-bred dancehall icon Vybz Kartel decided that Diddy didn’t need to have all the fun, and has launched his own line of high-end liquor. Eschewing the de rigueur vodka and tequila celebrity distilleries, Vybz (aka Adidja Palmer) went with what he knows best: rum. The triple-distilled VYBZ silver rum and handcrafted oak-aged dark rum boast […]

Wow. If you wanna know what makes the Madman get in a foamy-mouthed tizzy, then go no further and peep this track from Jamaica’s Terry Lynn. This couldn’t be more custom-made for me if Terry came with a bottle of Chopin tucked under each arm. We’ll have to wait till October for the album, but […]

25 Jun
My Adventures with Lee “Scratch” Perry, Caribbean Strippers and Magical Boots

Hit the Jump if you want to read Leonard Smalls final encounter with Lee Perry. Hint: it includes a stripper pole, space make-up, some questionable towels, a BBQ and the Jamaican Souljah Boy. OH, and Lee “Fucking” Perry dancing in videos, smiling like a madman. What more in holy hell could you ask for…?

Make the Jump if you’re interested in reading Leonard Smalls’ Continuing Adventures With Lee “Scratch” Perry…