23 Apr
New Art Correspondent Freddi C hits up MOCA for opening night

We previewed the Transmission LA: AV CLUB last week, and sent new Art Correspondent Freddi C with mic and camera in tow to check out the exhibit. This was her recap… As the sun set downtown at the Geffen Contemporary MOCA, the Veuve flowed under an enormous shiny Mercedes-Benz logo suspended to look like a giant […]

In tribute to a “band that no longer is”, someone took the time to create a shot-by-shot recreation of LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” video… done completely with LEGO figures. Sure it’s a pretty basic video to redo, and no it may not have the engineering prowess behind, say, a fully functioning V8 engine but […]

17 May
Free Energy's "Bang Pop" VideoFree Energy's "Bang Pop" Video

We’ve been kind of hyped up on Free Energy for awhile now, enough so we interviewed them back in December before their album dropped. Well their debut Stuck On Nothing is finally out, and it was well worth the wait — shouldn’t surprise, given it was produced by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and released on […]

20 Apr
Bringing us back from the Coachella haze

Last week we previewed LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” (then) upcoming video with a trailer, mostly because we were anxiously fiending for their set last Friday at Coachella. Well our faith was rewarded, and now we’re even more anxiously awaiting their upcoming This Is Happening LP (out May 18 on DFA) —let’s hope it’s not the […]

12 Apr
James Murphy releases a trailer for a video? Why not...

You usually don’t see a trailer for a music video, but when it’s for the first single from the heavily anticipated latest — and possibly last — album from LCD Soundsystem, This Is Happening (out May 18th on DFA), people demand immediate gratification. So here you go — both song and trailer below. I certainly […]

22 Jan
A real Plump Night Out

We’re not the biggest fans of super clubs here at LIAS, preferring to get our drink on at cheaper more intimate spots, but there’s still something to be said about seeing a DJ tear up a dancefloor packed full with thousands of bodies via bad ass soundsystem. One such night that’s been holding it down […]

30 Jul
London’s disco mafia comes to lala land. Ready for some Shits & Giggles?

We’ve been lucky in LA to have had plenty of proper disco shows as of late, but we’re hella excited for London’s premier disco mavens, the Horse Meat crew. Since the launch in 2003 by DJs James Hillard and Jim Stanton, HMD’s famed London parties garnered an undisputed reputation for quality events with a disco-for-diggers […]