5 Jul
Keep track of the Lunar cycle... and your crops

The moon is an important agricultural tool in an Amish community such as the one I live in. I don’t always have time to try and calculate the phases of the sun, so having the Moonwatch has worked wonders. It cycles through each of the phases of the moon and helps me in rotating my […]

17 Sep
Super7 collabs with Lucasfilm on first Super Shogun toy in 25 years and releases 1970s commercial

UPDATE: Super7 just released a retro-flavored commercial for the Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun we highlighted back in February, peep it below! As part of a collaboration between toy design studio Super7 and the great Lucas dynasty, it’s the first Super Shogun figure made in over twenty-five years and it’s all Star Wars, baby! This […]

Are you moonlighting as a part time ninja assassin? Then check out these World Landmark Rings. These black acrylic mini shanks will blend in nicely with your shinobi gloves while you’re lurking in the shadows. And because they’re laser cut to look like world landmarks, the authorities will only suspect you of being a ninja […]

11 Jun
Perfect to carry your box of tagliatelle home from the market

Growing up as a young boy in Corleone, Sicily was tough. When I was nine, my father was shot and killed for insulting the local mafia boss. When I got older, I learned the ways of the streets, smuggling boxes of tagliatelle from town to town on my bicycle. It was a dangerous game. I […]

11 Jun
Inspired by a Chinese coin, this humidor doesn't leave anything to chance...

Sometimes you just need to take matters into your hands and that’s exactly what Austrian designer Genco Berk did when he designed the DeLight Humidor. No humidor on earth was worthy of housing his finest Cubans, so he went out and created his own. Inspired from the shape of a Chinese coin, the DeLight Humidor […]

Bring all the excitement of the redneck road raccoon hunt to your living room with the Roadkill Rug. No longer do you have to scratch those scabies raw anticipating that thrill that running over small, unarmed vermin gives you. Once plopped down over your cigarette-burn-and beer-stained carpet, this rug will get your salivary glands a-workin’. […]

There are a lot diet and exercise plans out there for mothers who need help retaining their coveted MILF status. But look no further mother-I’d-like-to…find — introducing the Taga Child Carrier Bike and Luxury Baby Stroller. It’s a stroller, it’s a bike, it’s a MILF status retainer. Exercise your way to a better, MILFier you […]

In case you were in the market for a getaway vehicle kit this summer, have we got the hovercraft for you. Universal Hovercraft has taken all the guess work out of hovercraft assembly by making you do the assembling. There’s also a used hovercraft section where one can buy, sell or trade these homemade, hovering […]