22 Dec
More vinyl collectibles from the Hong Kong based company

Taking the medium of toys and creating carefully constructed art is what Coarse is best at — just check out their Eyes of Fear busts, intricately accessorized False Friends or inventive Jaws Loser piece. The Hong Kong based company now returns with the next edition of their Casting Shadows figures, this time titled Casting Shadows […]

27 May
The tale of two friends flying a kite... in vinyl toy format

Whether it’s their “Eyes of Fear” Fiberglass Busts, or their False Friends and different Blackout Editions, or PAW! Bust and Jaws Loser, Coarse always puts out vinyl figures and toys that make us want to break the piggybank to go out and acquire. The latest from the toy makers is the beautifully nostalgic Casting Shadows […]

15 Apr
Coarse Jaws Loser vinyl figures

Dammit if those guys over at Coarse haven’t done it again. Like most things in the “street” art game, vinyl toys have become over-abundant. To separate oneself from the herd you really have to elevate it a notch, and Coarse have done that exactly with their Jaws Loser piece. Like the False Friends released earlier […]