6 Jul
Fondation Beyeler collects the country's 1st solo Koons exhibit

Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland is hosting the latest Jeff Koons showcase. The new exhibition displays Koons’ highly polarizing catalog in three different categories — The New, Banality and Celebration — all providing a key to the Koons sensibility. The New ironically focuses on the early work of Koons, the period where he incorporated cleaning […]

Boogie Woogie, a new film from writer and producer Danny Moynihan — an integral part of the UK’s much-hyped Young British Artists (YBA) movement — could be terrific, as it satirizes and skewers the very art world from which Moynihan came from. Although many great things have sprung from the soil of the global contemporary […]

14 Jan
Jeffrey Deitch brings his business savvy hand to Museum land.

It seems inevitable. Instead of concentrating on the ‘Right Here-Right Now’ creative landscape, the art matrix get swallowed by Board votes, a pedestrian public and the antiquation of large institutions in general. Although MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) boasts the largest Post-World War II collection of modern art, the “C” still stands for Contemporary and […]

13 Nov
World's former most (over)paid artist makes an LA stop

Beverly Hills has a great weekend planned for those venturing out into the gallery world. Love him or hate him, the Gagosian Gallery will be featuring new works from Jeff Koons this Saturday November 14th. Reading the rich descriptions, hyper analytical, pseudo art theory syntaxes applied to Koons’ new works provided by the Gagosian Gallery […]

I’ve been waiting for someone to finally usurp Jeff Koons and Damien Hirsch in the Most Over-Rated Pop Artist category, and hopefully French photographer Cedric Delsaux will be the Savior I have been awaiting. He’s created a series of images combining (allegedly) fictional Star Wars characters and vehicles with modern, everyday, at times banal environments. […]